Turn Your Big Ideas Into Million Dollar Visual Models That Will Drive Your Revenue And Growth!

These Four Shapes Will Transform Your Business And Change The Way You Sell And Convert Forever!
Download Simon’s insightful, very popular three-video series (each with an accompanying Power Page) that will show you how to discover the deep value your customers really want, but can’t describe, unlock the true genius of what you do to create that value, and address the five key questions you must be able to answer to sell anything to anyone, anytime.


The Models Method is a revolutionary way for coaches, consultants and industry authorities to package, sell and deliver their unique intellectual property.  Working with these experts in our “Create My Models” Group Program, we unpack their IP into models that form the basis of a unique narrative of genius that positions them in their space in a uniquely sage-like way.

If you’re an industry expert and you can see the power of models in your work, get in touch and we’ll set up a brief call to explore further.

visual models

The fastest way to transform your results with models, is to work one-to-one with Simon to create them.

We offer a premium done-for-you consult where Simon will go deep with you into your entire IP and package it into models that will transform both the way you sell and the way you deliver your unique genius.  The consult includes a full resource Campus and all your choreography and resources built for you.

Please get in touch if you want to learn more.


Conferences depend entirely on the quality of the speakers on stage to entertain and inform.

A successful event will both mesmerise the audience and shift their thinking and that is the focus Simon brings to every keynote he delivers.

The Models Method is a unique body of work and is guaranteed to be new and insightful for any audience.

Please get in touch to find out more.

“Simon’s visual models are re-designing the vocabulary for business!”

Ryan Deiss
Marketer; Investor

“Your models are one of the biggest breakthroughs in selling in the last 20 years!”

Ari Galper
The World’s #1 Authority On Trust-Based Selling
CEO Of Unlock The Game And Trusted Authority

Mel Abraham
The Affluent Blueprint
Thoughtpreneur Academy
Business Mastery Academy
Jayson Gaignard
Mastermind Talks
“Simon is the master at positioning competitors out of the equation. He makes you the default choice by creating models and messages that transform the way people think about their problems. His brain is a treasure chest.
With Simon’s help I’ve been able to go into two different markets and scale to market leadership in less than 14 months.
He’s in a class of his own.”

Todd Herman
Founder & CEO
Best Selling Author –The Alter Ego Effect

Paul Dunn
4 times TEDx Speaker
Award-winning Entrepreneur
Master Presenter

“Exhilarating stuff, Simon. Just THE best, most relevant, useful and valuable 90 minutes I’ve ever had on Zoom or face-to-face, one-on-one ever. It’s that huge.”
“Before working with Simon I was communicating in an analog way … now it’s gone digital.
His models have helped me and my sales team increase conversions by 30% adding $1M dollars to the bottom line.  If you’re thinking of working with Simon, do it today.
There’s never been a more important time in history to elevate your ability to persuade and enrol new clients to your business. ”

Dan Martell
Investor, Entrepreneur
Creator of SaaS Academy

Martin Latulippe
CSP, Hall of Fame Speaker

“Before working with Simon, I was stuck in a major plateau in terms of results and in the way I communicate my opportunities to my potential buyers … basically, I was applying old stuff that was not moving the needle.
SImon’s models and his wisdom have helped me (as an entrepreneur) and my sales team increase conversions by 50% as we just concluded the biggest internet product launch ever done in the French market.
With Simon’s help, I now have my own models to persuade that sets me apart from the competition. Game changer!  If you’re thinking of working with him, do it today … it will blow your mind!”
“Spending just 90 minutes with Simon is the ultimate clarity bomb. After 10 years of dancing around the edges of my true business purpose, Simon was able to deep dive, elevate my thinking and help set me on track with purpose and a new found excitement. I now have an actionable strategy to better guide my clients while confidently attracting new ones. If you have the opportunity to spend any time with Simon, grab it with both hands!”

Marie Broderick
Grow Agency, New Zealand

Wendy Smiles
Smiles Consulting

“Thanks Simon for the new model – I can see great things ahead with this.
And thank you for helping me feel renewed and refocused. I would never have predicted how critical your coaching would be right now to support me in navigating the opportunities for (profound) change in these uncertain times.”
“Simon helped us out tremendously in his Create My Models group program.
In our weeks together he very effectively got us to understand OUR OWN SERVICE MODEL at an entirely different level. The outcome of this was profound!
  1. We modified our delivery to be more in alignment with our clients needs.
  2. The model very clearly got our prospects, as well as our clients, to CLEARLY SEE the gaps between what they had and what they really wanted in their business.
This spiked our conversion rate at our next event.
Lastly, Simon has the highest level of integrity in his delivery, his desire for an outstanding outcome for his client, and sincerity as a person.”

Mike Gionta
Founder/CEO – The RecruiterU, LLC

Hear From Some Of Our Clients

Jason Everett counts global brands as clients … L’Oreal, Redken … and is a very successful business adviser to the salon industry in the US.  Hear what he has to say about the impact a consult with Simon can have on your business.

Justin Teoh is a successful video marketer with many of the world’s biggest names in online marketing as clients. BUT explaining his genius in the sales process was always a problem until Simon extracted his Business Genius Model.