Do I have to use Zoom to sell?  Why can’t I just use the phone?

This is one of two questions I get asked all the time.  The second question is:

I’m no good at drawing, can I just use PowerPoint to share my models with the prospect?

Let me ask a question in return … Why would you just TELL someone about your genius and the value it creates, when you can SHOW your genius to them and let them actually SEE the value?

When we draw in front of a client (or anyone for that matter) it is the most organic, natural and non-threatening way to communicate that we have. 

Ancient civilisations used cave art not cave PowerPoint. 

As children, the first thing we did on paper was to draw … well before we learnt to write. 

We also received overwhelmingly positive feedback for our little scratchy drawings, from the people we trusted the most, our parents. 

Drawing is deeply satisfying and calming.  Today we even have drawing and colouring books for adults for relaxation and sometimes even anxiety management.

When you sell using visual models, and you draw from a blank screen or sheet of paper, you demonstrate that you really know your stuff. You produce your amazing model from an empty space.

When you click through slides you’re following a contrived and rehearsed presentation.  It’s clear you’re making a “pitch”.

Drawing allows full flexibility to take the conversation wherever it needs to go. Slides trap you.

When you use slides you’re selling. When you draw you’re sharing.

When you draw, you draw people in. When you click you’re forcing people along a pathway.

If you know my work, you know that we are all about unpacking the genius of your company into powerful visual models that convert like crazy when you draw them in front of your clients.

However, whether you have my models or not … I challenge you to start drawing to sell.  

I think you’ll be amazed at what happens.