The high speed, hyper-connected, immediate world we live in today has created an addiction to urgency and an impatience for results – but a fundamental truth remains …

You can’t fake growth! Growth is the stage-by-stage, incremental maturing of a living thing that results from protecting and nurturing … whatever that thing might be.

A living thing could be a person, an animal, a plant, a relationship, a nest egg, a client base, a business … anything that continues to evolve over time.

To live is to grow – farmers know this. 

You just can’t fake growth. You can’t plant the crop a week before harvest and hope to get a yield of any kind. The seed needs time and nurture to grow. Time and nurture are two key drivers of growth. 

So, in your selling, are you looking for the quick win, the immediate hit … or are you looking to grow your relationships, capability and sales results.

If your agenda is sustained growth, then you’ll need to do the work of protecting and nurturing … and be patient for the results.

I’d love to hear your take on sales growth and the need for a higher level of nurture in the sales process.

I’d also love to hear about how you make the buyer feel safer in YOUR sales process?