Building The Resilient Life

A Special Learning Resource For Y Mag Readers

Simon Bowen
– Creator –
The Models Method

Empowerment and resilience are complex concepts, yet they are the key to a successful life and successful business.
In this short video learning program, Simon Bowen, creator of the Models Method, unpacks empowerment and resilience in simple and easy to remember models, that give you a complete picture of what you need to do, to be truly empowered and resilient.
The program includes a downloadable checklist of 15 questions to use, to be more empowered and more resilient, every day.
Click the button below to download the question checklist for the Empowerment and Resilience Models.

Bonus For Success-Oriented Business Leaders

If you want to elevate the sales results in your business to the next level, your journey starts here!

Join other savvy entrepreneurs who recognise the power of using visual thinking and communication models in their businesses to sell successfully, serve impeccably and scale their growth exponentially.
Models, as a method of communication and influence, engage and clarify so powerfully, that even the most nervous of sales people are able to gain bullet-proof confidence and resilience that allows them to sell effortlessly.
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