Communicating super-effectively is no longer an option in an unpredictable 21st Century world …

Now, more than ever, we all need to be world-class communicators. Especially in sales and leadership.

Even the smallest of companies can do business globally and so our communication quality MUST stand up at a global level.

Communication is a huge topic, but I want to try and simplify it to a triangle.

To become world-class communicators, we need to become masters of:

Framing – Creating powerful contextual positioning.

Timing – Placing that paradigm-shifting potent punchline right at the best time – the mic-drop moment.

Delivery – Continuously engaging the listener in a way that evokes curiosity and a desire to hear more.

Let’s focus on framing.  Every sales or leadership conversation is an influence conversation. Basically, the process of positioning one idea in the context of another. Trying to influence the acceptance of our concept ahead of another concept.

This is the process of framing the context first.

In our world, visual models act as both an intellectual and visual contextual frame for any complex conversation.

I wonder, what is your favourite technique to control the framing of a conversation?