I had a conversation with a good friend and business coach today, and we were talking about account selling and what reps could do to get more appointments with prospective clients.

I raised a concept I call the “Work-To-Worth Ratio.”

Every prospect you want to talk to is making a subconscious assessment before they agree to meet with you.

That assessment is simply whether it is WORTH their time to meet with you.

Too often sales people lead with “I wonder if I could take just a few minutes of your time to …”

The problem is that your customer has lots of people asking them that.

So my concept is simple … before you ask a prospect to give you some of THEIR time, how much of your OWN time have you committed to be really ready to add personalised value to them.

A ratio of 3-to-1 will position you well to serve.  

You should put in three times the WORK to make it WORTH your prospects time to meet you.

What does that look like?

Spend time to understand your prospects, observe their business, look at all their marketing, capture intel, and so much more.

People can tell when you have put in the effort to understand them – and they can also tell when you have been lazy.

Put the Work-To-Worth Ratio to the test and let me know what happens.

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