Should you use PowerPoint or should you draw on an iPad or Flipchart to present a visual sales model?

If you’re familiar with my work, you’ll know that we have designed powerful visual models that completely change the dynamic of the complex sale.

Using models turns complexity into simplicity, removes pressure and makes selling easy.  So many business owners have discovered the game changing power of visual models in selling.

One of the questions I am always asked is whether it is better to draw the model or show it using PowerPoint or Keynote.

A slide presentation works, and if you’re still learning the models you should use a presentation until you’re comfortable with the model.

But if you know your models well and can walk through the choreography of them with confidence, there is nothing more powerful than to draw your models live in front of the prospect.

When you start from a blank sheet of paper or iPad screen and produce a structured and compelling model, in your own handwriting and drawing, it lets the prospect know that you really know your stuff.

When you walk through a slide, the slide takes the credit for the information.  Part of the perception is that you’re relying on the slide for prompts.

PowerPoint or Keynote turn an expert into a presenter.

Drawing the model live in front of the audience turns a presenter into an expert.

When you draw, you draw people in!

How are you putting your key sales materials in front of your prospects … like a presenter or like an expert?