In a sea of sales techniques and influencing strategies, in the end all come down to one thing…

The sale can only be made when the prospect is equipped to make a decision.

It is not the sales person’s job to make the decision to buy – that is the customer’s job.

When a customer is forced into a decision they invariably become a prisoner. It’s a fractured foundation from the start.

It’s the sales person’s job to challenge the customer’s paradigms in order to open the gap that will allow the sale to be made. Then you need to equip them with enough insight to make the choice to close that gap… with your help.

This type of selling operates at a deeply profound level.

We create the challenge – they make the choice!

Deliberately crafted visual models are a weapon in simultaneously creating the gap AND equipping them with insights … usually more profound than anyone else has presented to them. 

Well executed visual models “package profound” into every conversation. At the same time the model gives the customer visible structure and allows them to think through the decisions they need to make.

The model does the selling.

We use models to challenge the customer’s paradigms and open the gap – what’s your favourite tactic or tool?