Question for you … what’s the battle you’ve taken on, on behalf of your clients?

My good friend and best-selling author, David Burkus suggests that the great leaders engage their team by identifying the bigger fight they are on to serve a purpose.

He suggests there are three types of fight:

The Revolutionary Fight – Where you can point to a circumstance or injustice that should be challenged yet everyone accepts that it is okay – and you create real value designed to make things right.  

The Underdog Fight – Where you, something or someone, has been overlooked or diminished unfairly and you refuse to tolerate that.   You don’t just call it out, but you create value that defends and elevates them.

The Ally Frame – Where you stand alongside someone, or something else that really matters, and take on the challenge with them.  You create value that compounds the efforts being made.

At the Models Method, we wrap this into what we call the HERO CLIENT.

We replace the simplistic idea of an ideal avatar with the bigger concept of the Hero Client.  In our world, we find that if we elevate the client to be the hero in their own story, everything changes.

We take up our fight alongside them to equip them with a more powerful, profound and sage-like way to pursue their goals, through the use of visual models to elevate thinking and accelerate influence.

When you take your company on a crusade for your client as a hero, you attach your value to their identity … and all of a sudden price, competition, scarcity, urgency and many other dimensions of traditional selling become irrelevant. 

So, what is your crusade and who are your hero clients?