What’s really going on when a prospect reaches out to talk with you?

Well, they’re not window shopping!  They’re also NOT talking with you so they get the opportunity to say no.

They’re talking to you because they’re hopeful you can help them.  They just need to be able to SEE it for themselves.  They need to be able to visualise their future being better as a result of what you offer.

They need to be able to answer three questions:

Can I trust you?

Can I believe you?

Can I rely on you?

The trust piece comes down to your trustworthiness.  What is the character of your business?  How do you show up, in both good times and under duress?  How do your values stack up under pressure?

Let’s skip to the reliability piece.  That comes down to your consistency.  Do you deliver in a consistent and predictable way and to a high standard?  This is really driven by your systems, structures, skill sets, data and technology.

So, if character drives trustworthiness and consistency drives reliability …

… what makes you believable? 

You can make the argument that it’s your capability.  How capable do you appear to them?

Capability is driven by the genius of your business – but it’s not actually how capable YOU are that drives this part of the sale.  It’s the customer’s PERCEPTION of your capability that makes the sale and that perception is driven by how you communicate and demonstrate your genius. 

We do it with visual models – I’d love to know how you shape your customers’ perceptions about your genius capability.