What should you do when EVERYTHING seems to be uncertain?

It might feel like a lot of things are out of control right now and that business and sales success is becoming a faded memory.  It’s fair to think that AND it is also completely disabling to focus on it.

What we most focus on is usually what we amplify in our experiences of the world around us.  There is little to be gained by becoming swamped with what you CAN’T control, at the risk of forgetting to primarily focus on what you CAN control.

Here are some things you CAN control in selling:

The nature and frequency of your contact with your ideal prospects.
The depth of understanding you demonstrate on a daily basis about  your ideal prospects’ circumstances.
The impact and effectiveness of your sales message.
How you show up in the sale – do you elevate people or depress them?
The quality of the intel you gather from the marketplace.
The discipline you have in executing the fundamentals of selling – outreach, connection, communication, follow up.
The pursuit of constant improvement every day.

There are many things you can’t control … but there are also many things you can completely control.

Business and sales is likely to be harder in the near future. However, as the ill-prepared fall away, the hard-working, value-adding and constantly improving businesses will actually gain a better position.

I’m curious, what’s the most important thing you have full control over, that you need to focus on right now, to make the next 12 months a true success, irrespective of the prevailing circumstances?