There’s a great question you can ask yourself and your team that can open up the most incredible business improvement opportunities …

The question is:

“What seems impossible, but if you could do it, it would change EVERYTHING?”

The key to the question is that it allows you and your team the license to think much bigger than possibility.  This is key when you’re driving critical business improvement projects.

Too often we limit the potential of our projects by what we think the boundaries of possibility are.

A classic example is when we say something like “… we don’t have a way of measuring that”.  I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve seen real potential squashed by that one statement.

So what if you can’t measure it.  What if the potential is so great that a way of measuring hasn’t been thought of yet.  Tackle the impossible and be surprised at how possible the impossible actually is!

Resources might be limited, time might be limited, skill might be limited … but NEVER limit the thinking.  Always expand the thinking.  Great projects are expansive, not limiting.