What marks a life of accomplishment?  When you look back, how do you put value on what you did with your time?  

These are useful questions across all aspects of life, but lets consider them in terms of your business and the contribution it makes.

What marks a life of accomplishment from the perspective of your life’s work?

Do you judge it by the money made, the customers served, the industry wide changes created, the footprint left by the business over the long term?

Big questions!

The legacy of your life’s work is most easily identified by the PROFESSIONAL footprints you leave behind.  Musicians leave songs, artists leave painting, actors leave movies, sports stars leave championships and trophies …

What will the professional footprints be of your life’s work?

How will your children understand what you did and how you thought about things?  How will anyone be able to unpack and understand the depth of the genius behind your work?

These were some of the questions I started thinking about as I was building the Genius Model.

I wanted to create a framework that could capture a person or company’s entire genius contribution and turn it into a professional footprint.

How clear, compelling and permanent is your professional footprint?

We’re about to start building some new Genius Models for a whole lot of businesses.  If you want to know more about that, let me know.