What is the single most important character trait of successful entrepreneurs?

I was asked this question last night at a dinner I was privileged to enjoy with some very successful entrepreneurs.

It really got me thinking!

I want to define successful entrepreneur as those few who create a business. The ones who take all the risks and go from raw startup to successful company.

The ones who challenge paradigms, redefine markets and create successful economic communities.

So what came from the discussion.

Well, all the normal things we might expect like integrity, tenacity, grit, courage, creativity, and so many more like this.

Then there was a line of discussion about economic intuitiveness. The innate ability to “know the numbers” at all times.

But then a surprise character trait came into the conversation and it certainly got me thinking.

The suggestion was that successful entrepreneurs are okay with vulnerability.

They are able to step out into the abyss and be comfortable that anything could happen.

Brené Brown defines vulnerability as the ultimate form of courage. I agree with her.

To feel the fear and face the risk and go for it anyway. 

I’m keen to know, what do you think the single most important character trait is?