Some of the most insightful information you can review to improve your sales results, is also some of the hardest to get …

You should be fascinated about why the prospects that didn’t buy from you, made that decision.

It’s not easy to find out the real reason someone didn’t buy from you.

Even if you ask them directly (which most sales people don’t do), here’s what they WON’T say:

I just didn’t like you.

You were just too pushy.

I think your product is rubbish.

I don’t think you took the time to really understand me and what I need.

I didn’t think you knew enough about what you’re selling.

I didn’t trust you.

Your solution doesn’t seem like great value compared to others I’ve seen.

You get the idea.

Here’s what they will say:

It was more than I wanted to pay.

I can see the value, I just can’t afford that much right now.

My partner doesn’t want to go ahead.

Our priorities have changed.

And so on.

In short, they will make up a response to your question that won’t offend you, but also won’t open up the sales conversation again … that is if you ask, which I have already said most people don’t.

If you don’t ask, it is unlikely that they will ever offer up a reason.

Getting the real reason why someone didn’t buy from you is critical market intel.  It can equip you with insights that can completely shift your sales results.

I’m interested, how do you go about gathering truthful answers from your prospect’s about why they didn’t buy from you?