Have you ever asked your clients what IMPACT your product or service has had on them?

This may be one of the most important questions you could ever ask a customer.

Typically, we ask customers about their experience, how the product has worked, the results they have seen and so on.

But the real question we should be asking is “What has it meant to you to get those results?  How has it transformed your situation?

This is key intel.

We know that when clients use our visual models their sales conversion rate goes up, often double, and we also know they get an almost bullet-proof level of confidence in their selling.

However, when we ask clients about what these results have meant to them their answers sometimes surprise us:

“I feel like I have a potent sales superpower.”

“I sell differently to EVERYONE else and get huge results.”

“I stop my prospects in their tracks, they can’t step away from my offer.”

“I don’t need to use any pressure to close a sale.”

“With the models, I’ve somehow become a sales superstar.”

“I have zero fear of selling.”

Thing is, we would have never used any of those descriptions.

Sometimes the customer has a better view of your magic than you do.

Why not ask them what they think?

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