According to the Content Marketing Institute, webinars are the most effective form of digital marketing.

They’re also the second most effective medium for generating sales, behind speaking from stage.

However, due to the pandemic, it’ll be a while before you’re speaking on stages or hosting in-person workshops.

So, now is the time to use the power of webinars and online events to get more clients.

If you understand the power of webinars, but feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start…

Or you’re already hosting webinars but could be doing better…

My good friend, Jon Schumacher, just finished recording 21 training sessions with some of the biggest names in the online business world … and I was very honoured to be one of them!

He was kind enough to boil down the top three tips from each session and place them inside a single document.

That’s 63 action-packed tips for hosting better webinars and online events in a single PDF from experts who’ve been doing business online for decades.