The Models Method Vault Webinar – December 2017
A Models Driven Approach To Project Management

The Project Management Genius Model
One of the nine accelerators to business success is execution of critical business improvement projects. Yet the failure rate of all projects is over 70%!
Across businesses of all sizes, we recognise that most projects go off the rails at the start. The process in which projects are thought about and the way they are scoped and clarified have a significant impact on their success.
In this webinar we look at the Project Management Genius Model. The model outlines the levers, outcome petals and accelerators necessary to ensure project certainty.
Three key models are explored:
  • The Project Pentagram – an overarching model that outlines the order of thinking in which all projects should be tackled.
  • The Project Purpose Model which challenges the leader to get absolute, prioritised clarity about the drivers for the project.
We also look at the Four Futures Model in the context of project performance.

Webinar Recording