This post might challenge a few people today …

It really disappoints me when I hear someone tell business owners they should “sack” their worst clients.

They became clients because the business picked them and sold them, to get them to become clients.  We should never talk about sacking a client.

Your clients give you so much to enjoy or benefit from in business.  The best clients allow you to be financially and purposefully successful.  The worst clients help you to learn and improve.

We should respect EVERY client.

How you show up for your clients is totally your choice.  You can show up in a way that allows them to be the hero in their own story – or you can show up in a way that sees them as a pain in the backside in your story.

Unfortunately, there is still too much of the latter in business today.

If you have a client that is a PIA, then you have to remember that you chose them.  Don’t sack them … instead RELEASE them so they can get help elsewhere.

Check in on how your business talks about the worst clients – is it respectful or disrespectful? Do you tolerate contemptuous language inside your business about your worst clients?

Our clients pay us and they teach us.  They make us successful and they help us improve.  We chose them and we need to serve them or release them … never sack them.

How respectful and lacking in contempt is the narrative in your business about your worst clients?

We can all do better!  I was thinking about this a lot over the weekend and I’m going to challenge my own business to do better …. how about you and your business?