How does it make any sense at all to keep using the slowest communication pathway to the sale when a superhighway of influence is available to us?

We all want to convert the prospect into a customer faster.  If we can speed up the sale, we drive more revenue and we make the future of our business more certain.

So, if speed is a differentiating advantage, why do we all default to the slowest channel of communication … spoken and written words?

The high-speed communication channel consists of two things that we wrap up in what we call the Models-Based Selling System.

When you combine the power of visual communication with the organising structure of a model, you give your prospect the ability to make sense of everything and believe you.

Visuals are easier for the human brain to process, so visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. 

Visuals can convey a message in a fraction of the time that it takes to process words. 

Visuals help people remember information better: people remember 65% of the information that is presented to them three days after they view it if it is presented visually, compared to only 10% if it is presented in text. 

Visuals simplify complex information into manageable chunks and make it easier to understand. 

Visuals are more engaging and enjoyable.  

When your prospects can get your message fast, understand with ease, retain what you share for longer and enjoy the process, you start to drive some really great results.

If you then add the structure of a model to the visuals, you step into super-influencer territory!