There is a powerful difference between TELLING a prospect all about the value you create and SHOWING them the value you create …

In the complex sale, the concept of “product in action” is a critically important concept.

“Product in action” means letting the prospect experience the product for themselves … but how do you do that when you offer a service or an intangible solution, something that can’t be test driven, tried on or taken home for a trial?

One powerful way is to frame your product in visual models.

When you use visual aids, like models, to explain the value of your complex offering, you enhance the storytelling about your value.

A well designed visual model adds context to the story being told, and holds it there inside the model.  Context is critical because as soon as context is replaced with details of specifications and process, the value starts to slide.

Context makes it easier for the prospect to understand differentiating value.

Visual aids like models, increase the interactive nature of the conversation, allowing the prospect to engage more intuitively with the concepts being explored.  That interactive engagement is like allowing them to “try it on”.

Visual aids also allow you to create more powerful comparative arguments, showing the difference between having the solution you offer versus not having it.

A great visual model also creates a more memorable experience for the prospect, increasing the likelihood of them remembering you over other competitors.

Lastly, a visual model allows you to make a very simple yet powerful statement …

“Any solution to a complex problem like this, should have a very deliberate design framework or model behind the thinking, I’d love to show you ours …”

Just process that statement and think about what has happened in terms of positioning you relative to all other options they might be considering.

There are many ways you can sell and many tools you can use – I’m a fan of visual models to achieve all of the above – what’s your favourite tool to get some of this done?