What if your value proposition was really only of surface-level, price-based importance to the customer? 

What if your aspirational promise was only second level? 

What would the deeper level priority be for your ideal client?

The Value Iceberg is a tough task master. When we challenge our clients on their three levels of impact, the conversation almost always stalls at the base of the Iceberg.

The real gold is at the base. Only 10% of the iceberg is above the water line and the most majestic part is at the base. The tip of the iceberg is supported and controlled by the base.

My experience is that many businesses don’t have a clear articulation of what is at the base of the iceberg. Your customers almost certainly don’t have the language to express it, and so, don’t know how to ask for it.

They know how to ask for value or an aspirational promise, but not what is at the base. So when they meet the company that has caught that deeper impact, and can express it to them, they know they have just met the deepest thinker in the market.

So, what is at the base? Interesting question!