I’m so very excited … 

Two opportunities should excite every entrepreneur … the opportunity to improve sales and the opportunity to impact your clients in a meaningful way.

We’re about to start our next Create My Models Group Program and the most exciting thing about that for me, is that we’ll be working with a small number of businesses, from around the world, who really understand the need to be more powerful in how they communicate, but also more impactful in how they deliver.

Regularly, we hear clients who have done the program say that the models they have built and the sales conversations they have crafted with those models, have completely changed the way they, and their team, think about the business and what they do.

We love it when that happens!  However, the question is, why does it take the creation of some models for that to happen?

The flagship model of the Million-Dollar Sales Model Suite that we build, is the Genius Model.  In one model, that takes less than 10 minutes to walk through, we can capture the ENTIRE genius that a company takes to market.  

Whether that is the core design thinking behind a complex tech, engineering or construction product, the foundational teaching framework behind a consulting, coaching or advisory solution or the delivery capabilities behind a complex service provision, the Genius Model captures EVERYTHING you do into a simple framework that puts the client and their most profound need right at the centre of everything you do.  They SEE themselves surrounded by your genius.

That genius not only sells more powerfully, but it also guarantees that you impact more meaningfully.

Every business today, has to find a way to put the client right at the heart of the conversation and keep them there, while giving them just the right amount of insight into HOW you can solve their problems, without going into too much detail.

The Genius Model is the HOW model that triggers the confidence the prospect needs to convert from being a prospect to being a paying customer.  It also guides the entire business on the delivery side.