Transparency in the sales conversation for a complex sale is a superpower that too many people avoid …

If you’re in a sales conversation with a prospect, they know it. There’s no need for games. Yet too often, the sales process drags out because the sales conversation skirts around the edges.

There are three possible outcomes from any sales process:

The prospect buys from you,

The prospect doesn’t buy from you, or

The prospect is unsure and needs more information or more time.

Imagine the succinctness of the process if you frame the start of the conversation with something like the following.

“The decision to go ahead is entirely yours to make. My service to you is to equip you with the information you need in order to make the best decision for you. If I do that well, you’ll be able to decide yes, it’s right for you, no, it’s not right for you or you’re not sure and you need more information or more time.”

Of course, there’s more to this than just this simple statement, but put yourself in the position of the prospect and think about how this sets up the process for a transparent and pressure free conversation.

When you’re the buyer, would you prefer this level of transparency, or would you prefer to be subject to a process that skirts around the edges?

Most people prefer transparency, yet too many salespeople avoid it.

Do you build transparency into your sales conversations and if you do, what’s your best tip to create sales transparency?