What could be more important in selling than offering transformational value?

The business conversations of today commonly focus on the need to communicate transformational value to the market place.

However, as important as it is to create and deliver transformational value, there is a second dimension of value that is the key to having a strategic advantage.

The value you create must also be timeless … meaning that it will be relevant no matter the economic, social or political environment.

When your prospects KNOW that what you do will make a big difference for them (transformational) no matter what is going on for them right at that time (timeless), you have a product or service that has a natural strategic advantage.

In times of significant economic change, so many businesses talk about needing to “pivot” or “reinvent”.  The issue behind this, is that it likely means that these businesses were geared towards a solution that fits a specific economic climate, rather than a solution that has relevance no matter the economic circumstances.

The challenge of creating value that is BOTH transformational AND timeless requires any business to listen closely to the market at all times and go deeper than anyone else to understand the foundational components of value.

When you strip your product or service back from the packaging and delivery components, or the transactional components, you start to discover and think through the fundamentals.  The simplest and most important differences you can make.

When you step into this level of practical simplicity, supported by the profound genius of fundamental insight, you immediately show up as timeless and transformational.  In short, you must have a level of thinking that is elevated above the rest of the market through simplification, not complication.

In our world, visual models are incredible tools for this type of elevated thinking.  

When we work with companies to unpack their core genius into powerful visual models, we always see this depth of discovery about the timeless and transformational value that they create.  It is not uncommon for the leaders in these companies to comment on how shallow their understanding of their own value had been before we built their models.

However you do this thinking, any business is only as strong as the idea on which it is built.  We use visual models to do this thinking, I’d love to know how you drive the thinking behind your timeless and transformational value.