Of all the things we do in business to succeed, one thing, over which we have little to no control, may well be the greatest strategic tool of all …


Time is both the great strategic leveller and the great strategic advantage.  If you fall behind the speed of the market, it will level you – if you get ahead of the market and set the speed, it can give you an unassailable advantage.

So, let’s explore the hidden dimensions of time.

Simplistically, there are three simple time dimensions: The Past, The Present and The Future.

Today, we’ll explore the nature of time past.

As time passes by, it locks in the consequences of every decision, action and incident.  Once passed, these circumstances can’t be changed.  All we’re left with is how we respond to the consequences.

Loosely, these experiences could be categorised by how they impact the future. 

They can represent a loss of opportunity, they may even cause future damage or they can position us for future success.

In short, does our past put us on the green line or the red line in the present?

As we move through time, it’s strategically critical to consider what consequences we’re locking in for the future.  We need to consider every decision and response to circumstance from the perspective of the red and green lines.

How consciously do you consider your business decisions from the perspective of “locking in” future consequences?