The hidden strategic dimensions of time are amazing and powerful, yet they are often underestimated …

Time is not a straight line.  The future is not an incremental sequence from where you are now and where you will eventually land.  Time curves, and as it passes, TIME COMPOUNDS EVERYTHING!

The simple passing of time also accelerates your circumstances.  As compounding occurs, the acceleration of results follows.

If you are in a poor strategic position and you fail to take decisive, informed action, the passing of time compounds the negative impact of that position and pushes you further down the red line.

If you are in a strong strategic position and you continue to take decisive, informed action, the passing of time will compound the positive impact of that position and push you further up the green line.

The difference between success and failure is the difference between strategic drift and strategic decisiveness.  The passing of time does the rest.

They say you can’t predict the future, but that’s not entirely true.  If you drift, we can predict a red line future.  Drift always heads downwards.

If you’re informed and decisive, you’re more likely to experience a green line future.

We choose to either behave our way onto the green line or we choose to behave our way down to the red line – then the passing of time into the future does the rest through compounding and acceleration.

I’d love to know what hidden dimensions of time you’ve discovered that help you to create a stronger strategic future for your business.