If there were just three things you needed to get right to make your business successful, what would they be?

When I ask that question all sorts of things are suggested.

Sometimes so much jargon is used that it is almost incomprehensible:

Operational Excellence, Continuous Improvement, Strategic Differentiation, Financial Discipline, Marketing, Sales …

My question is really about what sits at the heart of a successful business.  and is so obvious and simple that if you get them right, the business is almost certain to succeed.

I want to suggest three things that might be at the heart of any great business, irrespective of size.

1. Design meaningful value.  Identify what the buyer most wants.  The outcomes that will change their lives in the context of what you do.  Then design your solution to deliver that as a priority.

2. Display your true value.  A lot has been taught about marketing and sales, but the core is to put your true value on display.  Let them SEE it.  Don’t make them hunt around or have to “interpret” your value.

3. Deliver your value.  Make sure you hit it out of the part when you deliver.  Anything less than 9 out of 10 puts you at risk.

What are your top three most important aspects of business success? I’d love to know.