Your prospect is trying to make three decisions that you must help them answer …

Why this? 

Do I really need this product or service in my life? Will it work and will it work specifically for me? Will it change my life in terms of the problem I’m trying to solve?

Why now? 

Is right now the best time, or could I put it off? I have so much going on and so many other priorities, is this best for me right now, and if not, when will it be right for me?

Why you? 

Out of all the options available to me, why should I commit my situation, my trust and my money to you? How do I know, for sure, that you can get this done? How can I know that your product or service is better than anything else I can afford?

These three questions are at the heart of value. Whether physically drawn, simply spoken about, or mentally imagined, they form a model. An iceberg that has product and price at the shallow, tangible level above the water (why this), with a deeper, less tangible level of value just below the waterline (why now) and the deepest, most profound and transformational value at the base (why you).

If you don’t want your prospects to just buy on price, you have the responsibility of quickly, simply and powerfully shifting them to the deepest level of value you create, to help them make a transformational decision that includes you.

We use visual models to do this … how do you trigger the deeper, profound and transformational decision in your prospects?