Let’s talk about layers! Specifically, let’s talk about the most important layer of all!

There are three layers of value we can think about in your offering. 

The surface level layer focuses on product description. This is superficial and the customer knows exactly how to have that conversation – it goes something like this “I want [insert your product category here], how much is that going to cost me?”

There is no real value to be added if you get stuck at this layer.

At layer two, the conversation is about results. The customer also knows how to have this conversation – it goes like this “… so if we go with your solution, you’re guaranteeing that … will happen, right?”

Still limited value to be added here.

At the deepest layer, we step into transformational value. When you express value that the customer didn’t even know how to articulate … it is unexpected and situation changing.

At this level the conversation is really just about “… when can we start?”

The secret to level three is ambiguity. ALL real value is found in resolving ambiguity for the customer. The problem is that the ambiguity needs to be explained for the value to make sense.

We use visual models to capture and express this level three value. When you draw a model you draw the customer into a deeper conversation … and they can’t be deep and shallow (where price is the focus) at the same time.

I’d love to know, what’s your process to take the customer to a deeper level of conversation than anyone else, in the shortest possible time?