In a world dominated by elevator pitches, story-telling and so many other techniques used to explain value, there is a deeply important first step that EVERYONE must go through …

I was having dinner with a dear friend a couple of nights ago.  He also happens to be a globally recognised author, speaker and coach … and is a big deal in the transformational coaching space.

We were talking about value creation and he reflected on a conversation he was having with someone recently about what they’d do if they had to start a business all over again.

The person he was talking to said his advice would be to read three books on a topic, make himself an expert and then create a course and sell it!

Three books never made ANYONE an expert … ever!  Let alone the fact that you’d be selling someone else’s IP!

I don’t want surgery done on me by someone who just read three books!

I don’t want someone who’s just read three books piloting a plane I’m on!

I don’t want anyone advising me that hasn’t applied their thinking, taken the bumps, learnt the lessons, unpacked the deeper thinking and extracted some wisdom about what they’re sharing.

The deeply important step EVERYONE MUST GO THROUGH is to prove that what you sell works!

Then turn that idea into a framework that is repeatable and predictable, no matter what.

In our world, this is about capturing your genius.  

People think the Genius Model is about crafting a sales message.  It’s not!  

It’s all about digging deeper into what you do than you may have ever done before, with a framework that’s designed to turn it into a system that can be explained and sold.

The true differentiation in any market comes from the depth of your thinking, NOT the design of your product or service.

We’re about to start building some new Genius Models for a group of smart business owners.  If you want to know more about how you can join us, let me know.