They say sexy sells and it does, however if you sell a complex product or service, that needs to be taken seriously, do you want to sell with sexy?

Now I’m not diminishing the value of good, catchy marketing … great tag lines, memorable jingles and phrases and yes … even sexy!

What I am suggesting is that if you sell a product or service that includes complex advice, design, interpretation, diagnosis or creativity, there is a stronger and more effective way to sell than sexy.

I’m talking about “punchy.”

Your client likely has a complex problem with ambiguous solutions.  

The reality is that the solution you deliver will probably be complex too, and here’s the rub …

All the value is in the ambiguity … 

And if you can’t make the complex simple, your client may miss your compelling value.

So, many turn to the surface-level style of selling that we associate with “sexy”.

I’d rather you went to a deeper level of selling that I think of as “punchy”.

Punchy means that you have such clear articulation of the value, that you express it in an unambiguous way that literally punches them in the chest.

And that’s why we use psychologically-powerful, visual models to create incontestable expressions of value.

So, how do you sell … sexy or punchy?

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