What secret superpower do magic, comedy and sales have in common? 

In my recent Sales Masterclass, I shared this little-known principle.

People think models are just the words and the shape … they see the shape of a model and then just put their words for what they do in the model.   Truth is, the real power lies in much deeper layers.

You’ve had the same. People think they understand what you do. Yet the magic of your solution is much deeper.

Choreography – the design and structure of delivery, is the superpower of visual models.

Critical to choreography is the punchline … that instantaneous, paradigm shifting insight that your prospect never saw coming.

Think about … 

Comedians who fabricate joy and surprise with the unexpected punchline.

Magicians who trigger surprise and curiosity with their reveal. 

Or singers who create awe at the key change or soaring notes.

In the Models Method Selling System, we call this “The Punchline Effect”.

Imagine triggering joy, surprise, curiosity and awe in your prospect at will, shifting them from what they think it’s about, to a deeper insight into what it’s truly about.

The punchline may be the least used but most potent superpower in selling.

I’ll dig deeper into the Punchline Effect in my next post. For now, what tactics do you use to instantly shift the prospect’s paradigm and take them deeper?