Like many, I watched the opening of the Olympic Games, a year late and still under the cloud of the Pandemic.  Apart from the spectacle, I found myself wondering what the hidden lessons are that we should take from this.

With these Olympics we might learn more about the resilience of the human spirit, the dedication of athletes to stay at the elite level for an additional 12 months.  For some we might learn about dealing with the disappointment of not being able to compete and as spectators we might recognise that life continues to go on even though the details of the circumstance might be different to what we normally experience.

For me, the real lesson comes from the new Olympics Motto – Citius, Altius, Fortius – Communis.  In English, Faster, Higher, Stronger – Together.  In 2021, the traditional Motto has had one word added “Together” – “Communis”.

The change to the Olympic Motto shows what a difference one powerful word can make.  The addition of the word “together” changes the entire meaning of the Motto, especially in today’s world.

So think about your big idea.  The purpose behind everything you do.  Your deepest cause or meaning.  Think about how you express that – the words you use.  Then think about what one powerful word, that if you added it to your expressions of greatness and impact, will change and elevate everything.

What word would you add?

Enjoy the Olympics everyone – let the endeavour of the human spirit unite us all for 14 more days … and maybe beyond.