What did I learn from my visit to the Maharishi Institute in Johannesburg today, a tertiary university providing international business degree qualifications, now impacting at a global scale, to students from poverty-based backgrounds?

To date, they have directly impacted over 18,000 students, who have lifted themselves and their entire families out of poverty.

And the overwhelming realisation from the visit was that most of the students that we met will outperform so many of the students in ‘traditional’ universities around the world.

And the question is … why does that happen?

The students at Maharishi are taught from a basis of RE-CAPTURING their unique identity and their greatness, RE-IGNITING curiosity to give them a sense of capability and confidence, and RECLAIM hope from opportunity, giving them a chance to work.

Think about how you would shift the culture of your organisation if you allowed everyone there to capture their greatness, ignite their curiosity, and if you sparked a much stronger sense of hope and opportunity for people and their careers and the contribution they can make.

Maharishi Institute is based on a really simple premise … 

… that everybody can be great and everything should serve that purpose!