Perhaps New Year’s lessons are more important than New Year’s Resolutions …

This is my first post for 2021 and I’ve been reflecting on what the transition into a new year really means.

2020 was, by every measure, an extraordinary year of ups and downs. It’s not too much of a reach to describe the year as “extreme”.

So many events shocked us. Whether an opportunity or a challenge, it all seemed extreme. So, what did I learn from 2020?

It’s often said that we are more the victims of our responses to circumstance, than to the circumstance itself. That has certainly been reinforced for me through 2020.

The only thing I know I can control in any extreme situation is how I respond. That is true whether the circumstance is favourable or unfavourable.

Whatever the nature of the situation, 2020 really showed how important it is to be bold … whether confronted by opportunity or challenge.

It was always better to take action than to just wait.

The lesson I take into 2021 is to be bold … maybe even a little fearless!

What about you? What New Year’s lesson are you taking into 2021? 

I’d love you to share it.