Your prospects’ confidence in you is not an on or off dynamic – it is multi-layered …

When a prospect looks for someone to help them with their problem, there are really four layers of confidence they will subconsciously walk through.

These four layers move them from trying to identify who can help, to recognising that they should turn to you!

At the first level, they need to see you show up in the market place as someone who really gets it – someone who demonstrates a better understanding of the bigger picture than anyone else.

At the next level, they need to see that you truly “get them.” There is nothing more powerful than finding someone who truly gets you. Your conversation needs to demonstrate this level of intimacy with them.

The third level is where you demonstrate that you have a real solution … that you have “got it!” – backed up by evidence from the experiences of others.

Lastly, they want to know that if they engage with you, that you’ve “got them.” That you have their back. That they’re safer with you than without you.

These four layers of confidence compound at each level until you become the only choice.

Are you sure you’re addressing these four layers of confidence in your marketing and sales messages?