Your customer already has a mental model in their heads about your product or service …

But what if their mental model is missing the real value of what you do? Worse still, what if their mental model is entirely wrong?

Obviously you won’t make the sale.

The sales challenge is a simple sequence – simple, but hard to do.

First, you must have a real solution that creates transformational value for the customer.

Then you must create a model of that solution, a blueprint for the brain that allows everyone to understand it.

Once that’s done, all you’re left with is the sales conversation. You need to be able to replace their mental model about their problem with your visual sales model that outlines a powerful solution.

It’s a really simple concept, yet it is one that not many people are aware of or know how to execute.

There are five core visual models in the sales sequence. 

The flagship model, the Genius Model, is where you show them a powerful solution connected directly to their problem. The Genius Model absorbs their mental model into it and causes them to step inside your framework.

When that happens, the sale is made – it’s truly game-changing.

What models are you using in your sales process?