When a buyer feels safer with you than they do without you, the entire dynamic of the selling process changes …

Here’s the real shift … every selling process is also a buying process.  

If we really want to supercharge our selling, It makes more sense to focus on the buying experience for the customer, than it does to focus on the efficiency of the sales sequence for the seller.

When most people need to make a purchase, they often start from a place of suspicion. There is the common fear of being “ripped off”.  

Selling of the past has leant on pressure and urgency to move the buyer through the sale, but in the stressful world we now live in, authentically making the buyer feel much safer is the key to a better customer relationship.

The model shown explores five buyer safety decisions that they are trying to make, every time they buy a complex product or service.

  1. Do I feel safer with YOU than I do with anyone else I’m talking to?
  2. Do I feel safer with your team and anyone else from your business that I have come into contact with during the process?
  3. Does your solution feel like a safer bet for me, in my specific circumstances?
  4. Does your offer seem like a good deal and am I safe from being ripped off?
  5. Is it safe for me to do this right now?

Every time we help a customer deal with these questions, we help them move closer to the purchase.

There are two simple pathways that help the buyer to feel safer with you as they ponder these five decisions – transparency and tone.

The simpler and more TRANSPARENT the communication the safer anyone feels, and 

The more profoundly wise and powerfully calm the style of the communication, the safer the TONE of the communication. 

We use uniquely designed visual models to create truly transparent, high-value communications that lead to richer and deeper conversations and position you at a sage-like level of safety for the buyer.

I’d love to know how you deliberately structure your sales dialogue to address the five buyer safety decisions.