You need more sales and there’s an awesome, new prospect that you’re in serious conversations with …

You’ve created a fabulous looking “pitch deck” to explain your offer and you can’t wait to get in front of them.  Your presentation will tell them exactly how your product or service will solve their problem and there is no doubt that your offer is valuable.

They also think you’re totally trustworthy and they like you.

This is pretty much the standard sales scenario for a traditional solution selling approach.  It’s based on getting them talking about their problem and seeing how you can help them.

There’s just one fatal flaw with this process …

What if they don’t recognise that they have a big enough problem to want to change anything?

Every sale demands that the client changes something and people just don’t like change that much.  Change is messy, risky, frustrating!

In today’s world of noise and volumes of high-quality sales content, we need a way of DRAWING the client into a conversation about opportunities that they didn’t even realise they could access.  

We need to show them a blueprint for results so unexpected, that trying to stick with the status quo becomes foolish – and we need that blueprint to give them confidence that this unexpected opportunity will work for them.

When you draw a model, you draw people in.  When you challenge their thinking, stretch their perceptions of what’s possible, show them opportunities they didn’t see for themselves and then explore a highly structured model that shows them exactly how they can have it, you become the sense-maker that cuts through all the noise they’re confronted by.

Mastering the power of visual models allows you to master the art of sense-making and become sage-like in how you sell.