The best products in the market place sometimes aren’t the most successful …

I ran into a client I built models with quite some time ago and we were chatting about how the models have changed the way he sells.

Now let me be clear, his business delivers an amazing product, they are highly ethical about what they do and they make a real and tangible difference to their clients.

BUT, by his own admission, communicating the power of what they do was their biggest issue.  Once someone becomes a client they become super advocates.  It was getting them to become a client in the first place that was the challenge.

So we captured his company genius into a model.  Now, whenever he is in a conversation with a client, whether he is drawing the model or not, he is using the model in his own mind to guide the conversation in a highly structured and value adding way.

He told me that when he just talked through the model with one client, they commented on how impressed they were that he could know so much about what he was covering … the model was doing the heavy lifting.

Right now he is booked out for 7 months.  That’s a waiting list for people wanting to be clients.  Who doesn’t want that sort of demand for what they do?

I was so pleased to see what a difference the models were making to his business.

Here’s the real lesson, the best products or services don’t always win.  It is the best communicated products or services that usually win.

We teach people to use models to communicate value in a powerful way … what do you do to communicate your value better than anyone else in your market?