I’m going to be straight with you here!

Any business, no matter the industry, needs to have 3 critical components to be successful at selling.

The first one is a way to capture a lead … that’s your lead magnet.

The second is a way to have a conversation with that lead … it’s called nurture.

And the third is a way to convert the lead … and that’s called value, an expression of value.

Seems obvious doesn’t it?

Capture …

Conversation …


The lead magnet (a great ad, a pdf document, a helpful checklist, a short quiz) must be in complete alignment with the conversation you’ll end up having with the prospect once they take the magnet.  

And that straight line conversation is to lead directly to the conversion discussion about value and price.

It’s so basic that it’s often overlooked and, surprisingly, the step that’s usually missed is conversion … actually asking for the sale.

Most businesses do conversation, some do capture and conversation … few do all three.

So, what’s your lead magnet to capture a new prospect?

What’s your conversation to nurture the prospect?

And what’s your conversion mechanism to make the sale?

Get them right, in a straight line together … and watch your sales grow!