The global circumstances we find ourselves in have helped us to truly appreciate the people who create value, make a significant contribution and serve a deeper meaning.

It has also highlighted selfishness, fear and failures of leadership!

In the midst of all that has been going on, we have seen a completely appropriate outpouring of appreciation from around the world for the health, emergency services, firefighters and police front-line workers. 

There’s also another group of people that deserve a shout out.

Let’s take a breath and thank them for their courage, creativity and commitment during the past months.

I’m talking about the small business owners who have simply refused to lay down and quit during these challenging times.  These business owners around the world have fought tooth and nail, often out of a deep commitment to their customers and their teams. They have made creative, adaptive and rapid changes to their businesses that have protected jobs and will help lead us out of all this.

Too often, business owners are maligned and yet they take much of the risk, are expected to create most of the opportunity and provide leadership that they would never have expected to be placed on them.

Thank you to the business leaders.