I was watching a ten-year-old magician, appearing in one of the biggest talent shows on the planet and she was competing in the Champions’ Series …

How does a child magician get onto a global stage that most adult magicians can’t?

Apart from the fact that she is brilliant, when the judges asked her why she loves magic, she said because it showed other children that they could really do something big … and also because it let the adults in the audience just be children again for a little while.

That hit me in the chest!

How many adults just want that simplicity again?

How many adults would really love to be able to release the responsibilities of life, be in the moment … and just find joy?

The reason it hit me in the chest is because I realised that this is all our sales prospects really want!

When she said that, I immediately made a note to make selling magical!

They want someone to make a promise to them that they can just relax into, trust and be joyful about.

They really just want to feel safe about the future and proud of the decisions they make.

Strive to create that magical feeling during the sale and I suspect that your conversion rate will go up considerably.

We use models to create magic … what do you use?

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