How can you become one of the most stabilising, confidence creating forces in your prospects’ world when everything else seems to be completely uncertain?

There’s a lot going on in the world today to make your prospects nervous.  Financial, political, military and social challenges seem to be screaming at your prospects from every direction!

In the middle of all that, you still need to do two things in your business:

Lock in your current client base and make sure they don’t stop buying from you and generate leads and sell successfully to new prospects.

Here are three things you should be doing to help to make sure that happens:

Make sure that in all the noise and pressure they’re confronted with, that YOU provide a sense of POWERFUL CALM.  When you become one of the most calming voices in their world, through both how you market and sell and the messages you share, you start to occupy a completely differentiated position.  

Sell from PRESENCE … not pressure.

Be a source of PROFOUND GENIUS – educate your existing clients and new prospects in a way that elevates their thinking around the challenges they face.  Keep them connected to context and help them to make both informed and future-focused decisions.

Sell from WISDOM … not ego.

Communicate in such clear, transparent and visual ways that you offer PRACTICAL SIMPLICITY in the midst of all the complications they face.  

Sell from CLARITY … not complexity.

How can you manage these three, key dynamics of the “stabilising sale”?

Use visual models!  

Offer your client and prospects “blueprints for the brain” that demonstrate your value and communicate in such a comfortable and easy way, that they feel safer with you than they do without you.

What do you do to make sure that every conversation you have offers a “stabilising sale” for your clients and prospects?