Why are most traffic signs entirely visual in the design of the message?  At best they might have one word or a number on them, but the rest is imagery …

The answer is simple … speed of communication and clarity of message.

If you’re designing a critical message for someone driving past at speed, who may not even speak the language, you need to use a method of communication that works.

That method is visual messaging.  Our poll from a couple of weeks ago reinforced that.

When we asked “How do you prefer to have a complex concept explained to you?”, 7% said told to them, 9% said written out for them and 84% said visually shown to them.

Visual communication is the superpower of the sage-like influencer.

In sales, your prospect IS driving by at speed and they’re NOT speaking your language.  You’re speaking sales language and they’re speaking buying language and the two are not automatically compatible.

Well designed traffic signs give the driver a fast blueprint for the brain that lets them know what’s ahead and what they need to do.

A well designed visual sales model gives the prospect a blueprint for the brain that shows them your deep and profound value and shows them what COULD be ahead for them … if they buy from you!

The choice they need to make is if they want that future or not.