Absolutely nothing beats the speed advantage of immediate action …

I had a fabulous experience in our group program this week, when a client announced to the group that they had made a multi-thousand dollar sale to a client, without an initial consultation or any form of “try-before-you-buy”.

That’s great but it’s not amazing.

The key to this story is that we had only just unpacked one little aspect of the Models-Based Selling System in a morning session and he made the sale THAT SAME DAY.

Now, it’s important to note that this style of selling is not like any other form of selling people are used to.  There is a learning curve.  A discomfort zone.  A re-calibration required.

However, when you incorporate powerful visual models into your sales conversation ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING about your selling changes for the better.

What is amazing is how quickly my client implemented it.  We had literally only just done the work and he was using it that day!  A boldness and willingness to just have a go!

When you jump into immediate action you get three distinct speed advantages:

You have the recency of energy and engagement with the idea.  It’s still fresh and at its most implementable.

You get the imprinting of practice.  The fastest way to close the knowing/doing gap is to do!  When you apply with speed, the patterns burn deeper into your neurology and you acquire mastery faster.

Finally, you get feedback.  The adjustments needed with any new skill can only come from the feedback received when you actually use the skills.

In my example, the use of this first level of the Models-Based Selling System, and the sale it generated, has created a foundation of confidence and calibration that will drive even greater success.

I’d love to know, what’s your best experience with speed of implementation and the success it created?