Everyone talks about sales conversion as if it is a well understood part of selling … 


But is it really that well understood?


Conversion is a three-way dynamic – 3X conversion.


Look at the model …


Conversion includes the RATE – the percentage of leads converted to a sale and at an affordable cost per lead.

Conversion is also about SPEED – How fast you convert the sale, at a manageable level of effort? Time kills deals.


Lastly, conversion is about QUALITY – getting great customers who willingly pay your desired price.


Rate, speed and quality of conversion often compete.


Balance between all three is paramount.



At 1, rate and speed will give you more deals.


At 2, rate and quality will give you more profitable revenue.


At 3, speed and quality will give you better cashflow.


Conversion is so much more than just the rate and should be intimately understood across the entire sales team.



Powerful, visual models increase rate, speed and quality of conversion … without fast-talking, pressure-based selling.


I’m delivering an online Masterclass next week to show how visual models transform your 3X conversion.


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