Do you have the vocabulary to be a true thought leader? 


Do others engage, listen and share your ideas around? 


In short, do others buy your ideas?


Check out the model below …


Whether you rely on your authority to sell a complex product, or impact in a meaningful way, being an authority requires two things:


Depth of Thinking (having profound ideas rather than common ideas) 




Ability to Influence (having compelling expression of those ideas, rather than unremarkable expression).


As you consider the model, are you a Robot, a Researcher, an Actor or an Authority?


Thought Leaders who occupy the Authority space have a different vocabulary to everyone else.


They don’t just explain an idea … they IMPLANT the idea. 


They create a blueprint for the idea that others can not only sink into and understand, but can also pass around to other people they know.


Thought Leaders communicate in frameworks and models that simplify and organise.


Thought Leaders let their ideas be SEEN rather than heard.


Visual models fill in a lot of gaps, they engage at depth and convert at speed.


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