People always ask me why visual models work so well in the sales process.


Great models melt resistance away and convert the sale … at speed!


But why do they work so well?


Let’s think about what selling actually involves.


The salesperson has their truth … that their solution is the best option in the marketplace.


The buyer has their truth … they are special, they have different needs to everyone else and salespeople always over-promise.


More often than not, these two truths don’t line up.

The salesperson and the buyer end up in a compete or retreat dynamic … basically posturing for control.


If we could just get in between these two truths and place a shared truth in the middle, both the salesperson and the buyer are able to walk towards each other.


This is what happens when a mediator sits between two people.


Sadly, we can’t put a mediator into the sales process.


So what’s the alternative?

In the Models Method world, we put a model between the two truths.


If it’s well designed, and delivered with compelling choreography, that model facilitates the customer to a deeper level of value.

The model becomes a shared truth.


How could you put powerful models into your sales conversations to create a deeper truth for your customers to buy into?